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We Ranked Barry Allen’s Costume from Every Season of ‘The Flash’

Barry Allen's bright red suit has seen many different redesigns and fans have lots to say. So, let's rank CW's 'The Flash' suits from best to worst.
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Since 2013, the CW’s The Flash fans have seen many redesigns of the iconic red suit. So, to celebrate the show being renewed for an eighth season, here’s a ranking of the suits we’ve seen Barry don as the scarlet speedster we all know and love.

Worst: Season 5

The Flash Season 5
The CW Network | WarnerBros. Television | DC Entertainment

After Cisco designed all of Barry’s suits in the first four seasons, this suit brought from the future by Nora was created by Ryan Choi. Its new look is closer to the comics than the previous seasons had been with its bright red color, gold detailing, and sleeker look.

The main reason this suit is so low on the list is because of the missing chin strap. Many fans were thrown off by the strange look of the change. The missing chin strap made the cowl look oversized and like it could fly off any minute while Barry is running.

However, fans did love the addition of Barry’s first Flash ring. Since the implementation of the ring, it has been a staple of the show that fans continue to love.

4. Season 1

The Flash Season 1
The CW Network | WarnerBros. Television | DC Entertainment

The Flash’s debut superhero suit is iconic for fans, but it’s by far the least comic-accurate of the suits. Cisco designed this suit to be durable like firefighter’s suits and made it with heat-resistant materials.

The suit, in comparison with the newer suits, is the bulkiest suit Barry wears. The emblem is also a dark red instead of white that fans love in later seasons. While it is the scarlet speedster’s first suit, fans are glad that it’s in the past.

3. Season 2 and Season 3

The Flash Season 2 and 3
The CW Network | WarnerBros. Television | DC Entertainment

Both suits are identical, so they’re going to be combined in this list. Fans and the cast agree that season two’s upgrades were for the best.

The most significant change from the first suit is that the emblem is now the white that comic and show fans love and recognize instantly. The article Gideon showed the team in season one was the biggest inspiration for the change.

2. Season 4

The Flash Season 4
The CW Network | WarnerBros. Television | DC Entertainment

Season four brought about the most changes in a suit when it premiered. It was the sleekest suit Barry wore. Most of the changes were because of fan complaints that it wasn’t comic-accurate enough.

The suit was a brighter red color with gold and yellow highlights and accents to be closer in line with the comics. The suit’s new design also incorporated more lightning-inspired lines and seams.

The helmet was also changed to be more of a cowl, allowing more natural movement as Barry ran around the city.

Best: Season 6 and Season 7

The Flash Season 6
The CW Network | WarnerBros. Television | DC Entertainment

By far the most comic-accurate and many fan’s favorites, season six brought back the chin strap that was missing in season five. The lightning bolts on the side of the cowl were also changed to match the comic’s look.

Season seven was identical to season six’s redesign in all but one way: the cowl is made with nano-technology similar to MCU’s Spiderman suit in Infinity War. The change reflects the storylines The Flash has nowadays, with advanced technology playing a large part in each villain Flash comes up against.

The only thing missing that would make it even more comic-accurate is the yellow boots. I, for one, would be happy not to see bright yellow boots running around Central City. However, Grant Gustin has talked to ET about his desire to add gold boots to complete the suit. I’m sure fans could get behind the addition of Gustin’s suggestion.