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‘The Last Kingdom’ Ending with ‘Seven Kings Must Die’

'The Last Kingdom' announced its last season would be season five. But, because of fans' love of the show, we're getting one last huzzah.
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One of Netflix’s Viking-inspired shows, The Last Kingdom, won’t be entirely over once season five premieres early next year. A feature film following one last story of Uhtred is in the works.

‘Seven Kings Must Die’ Ends the Franchise

The Last Kingdom announced in March of this year that season five would be the end of the series, but they never said it was the end of Uhtred and his fellow Vikings. A two-hour feature film, titled Seven Kings Must Die, is set to begin filming around the time of the season premiere in Budapest.

Since filming hasn’t started yet, we don’t have a final release date.

The Last Kingdom producer Nigel Marchant said the movie will tell the one story they’ve always wanted to tell.

There are also no plot details available, but we can reasonably assume the last three novels will inspire it in the Saxon Stories novel series the show is based on. Those books are War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and War Lord.

Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred in The Last Kingdom
BBC Two | Netflix | Carnival Film and Television

What Is ‘The Last Kingdom’?

The Last Kingdom premiered for the first time on BBC Two in 2015. Netflix joined as co-producer for season two before taking over fully for the remainder of the series.

Based on Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories, the show follows the Kingdom of Wessex and the Great Heathen Army during their 45-year struggle.

Season five will consist of ten episodes and follows the ninth and tenth novels, Warriors of the Storm and The Flame Bearer. It will follow Uhtred as he fights to reclaim his hometown, Bebbanburg.

Alexander Dreymon stars as Uhtred, a Saxon that Vikings raised. Dreymon also serves as an executive producer for the show and film.

Who’s Attached to the Film?

In addition to Dreymon, Marchant will also be returning to produce the film. Gareth Neame and Mat Chaplin are also serving as producers of the film.

“I’m so grateful to our fans,” Dreymon said. “They have been immensely loyal to The Last Kingdom, and thanks to their support, the team is getting together for another round.”

Many familiar faces, including Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred, are returning. However, which ones, we don’t know yet since the fates of many are still unknown. There are some new faces in the film – and some introduced in season five.

Ewan Mitchell, Mark Rowley and Arnas Fedaravicius The Last Kingdom
BBC Two | Netflix | Carnival Film and Television

Carnival Films will be producing the film. Season four and five writer Martha Hillier will also be returning to write the screenplay. Ed Bazalgette is also returning to direct. NBCUniversal Global Distribution will be distributing the film.

“When we started shooting the show, there were ten books that Bernard Cornwell has written, and we had structured the show in a way that season five was always going to be the last season,” Dreymon said at the London MCM Comic Con on October 24. “However, for a good while now, we’ve been in talks about maybe a little extension…because it felt like it couldn’t quite yet be the end.”

“And then we’ve seen such a big appetite from the fans for an encore that we have decided, along with Netflix, to do a special which is going to be a ‘movie version’ of the show and which we are going to be shooting next year,” Dreymon added.