The Mandalorian Recap: Bo-Katan Finds Her Place

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Bo-Katan Kryze has joined the Children of the Watch’s Covert with Din Djarin after the Imperial Remnant bombed her home. She put her helmet on and plunged into the Living Waters beneath the Mines of Mandalore, thus marking her as an adherent of the Way and a worthy member of Din’s order.

Bo-Katan was initially shocked by this turn of events, as she only put her helmet on and went into the waters to save Din. She had no plans to join his Covert. But after seeing the Mythosaur on Mandalore and learning how the Children of the Watch live, Bo seems to be warming up to their way of life.

Class is in Session

Din tries to help Grogu learn the ways of the Mandalorians’ culture by having him spar with another Foundling. Grogu and another young Mandalorian compete in a “dart” contest, which looks a bit like Star Wars paintball, and Grogu handily beats his opponent using a Force-powered leap.

However, before Din and Grogu can celebrate, a flying beast swoops down on the beachside training yard and steals away with the child. Paz Viszla reveals that the youngster is named Ragnar and is, in fact, his son. Bo-Katan doesn’t hesitate to assemble a hunting party to go after the kid and bring him back to the Covert safely.

As the group leaves, the Armorer takes Grogu to the Forge to give him a few more lessons on Mandalorian culture. Grogu recalls the day he was saved from the Jedi Temple during the Great Purge as he watches the Armorer hammer away at her anvil.

Meet Kelleren Beq

As the Clone Troopers cut their way through the Jedi Temple, a group of Jedi handed Grogu off to Kelleren Beq, a Jedi knight who wielded a pair of lightsabers and effortlessly cut through the ranks of brainwashed soldiers. Beq is played by veteran Star Wars actor Ahmed Best, who infamously portrayed the abysmal CGI character Jar-Jar Binks.

Thankfully, Best gets to redeem himself by reprising his role as Beq. Yes, Best has played this character once before, too – but not in any canon Star Wars stories. Keller Beq was the fictional name of the host of the real-world game show Jedi Temple Challenge, which Best starred in. Best also played a background character named Ack-Med Beq in Attack of the Clones. He has stated in recent interviews that Kelleren and Ack-Med are, indeed, related.

In either case, Beq is able to escape Coruscant with Grogu, and the two safely zip off into space. It’s still unclear how Grogu went from traveling with Beq to being held by Nikto raiders thirty years later, but it’s possible that Beq might still be out there in the galaxy somewhere in the “present day” of The Mandalorian. Speaking of the present day, after Grogu’s flashback, we return to the hunting party.

Rescue Mission

Bo-Katan’s rescue mission is a stunning success, with the Mandalorians using their jetpacks and grappling lines to bring down the dinosaur-like flying creature that abducted Ragnar. Din saves Ragnar from plunging into a nearby lake while Bo-Katan drags the dinosaur to the surface – where it’s promptly eaten by a bigger, meaner monster beneath the waves. There’s always a bigger fish.

The Mandalorians take the flying monster’s three hatchlings back to the Covert, clearly unwilling to leave young animals to fend for themselves in the wilderness. Besides, these will make excellent flying mounts someday. This episode seems to be setting up for a time skip, with Grogu needing to grow up a bit and the hatchlings needing to grow before the action can continue much further along. 

Paz Viszla expresses his gratitude for the safe return of his son, and Bo-Katan can feel that the Covert has begun to genuinely appreciate her presence. She returns to the Armorer to get her pauldron repaired, as she lost part of her armor during the hunt. Bo-Katan asks the armorer to emblazon the symbol of the Mythosaur into her new pauldron and asks the Armorer what she would think if she saw a real one. The Armorer remains cryptic but notes that Bo-Katan will see many extraordinary things if she walks the Path of the Mand’alore.