The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: The Living Waters

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Din Djarin is on a mission. He’s given up his old life as a bounty hunter. He is now fully committed to redeeming his past transgressions against the Mandalorian Creed, seeking atonement by bathing in the Living Waters in the Mines of Mandalore. He doesn’t even know whether the planet’s surface has a safe, breathable atmosphere so he will need some backup.

In the first episode of the series, Din tried to recruit some heavy hitters for his mission to Mandalore. IG-11 needs a rare part in order to live again, and Bo-Katan Kryze is disillusioned with the idea of retaking Mandalore. So, with few allies willing to accompany him to the long-dormant planet’s surface, Din sets out for Naboo to consult Pelli Motto.

New Friend?

It’s Boonta Eve on Naboo, which is a huge celebration day. Pelli Motto is ripping off tourists by having her Ewok pals tear up their speeders before overcharging them for repairs. When Din arrives, she’s happy to see her old friend but can’t help him find the IG memory unit he needs to revive IG-11. Instead, she offers to sell him the R5 unit she’s been hanging on to.

Din reluctantly agrees to take R5, as he needs a droid to test Mandalore’s atmosphere to see if it’s breathable. Pelli refits his N1 starfighter once more, changing the passenger seat in the back into an astromech slot. Ironically, this was one of the customizations she had only recently made herself. 

Equipped with a new astromech and ready for adventure, Din and Grogu head to Mandalore. After a brief scuffle with the Alumites on the surface, R5 confirms that the planet’s atmosphere is not poisonous. Din and Grogu head into the Mines of Mandalore in search of the Living Waters, but Din is ambushed and captured by a bizarre insect-like creature that seems to be collecting survivors to exsanguinate them.

Heavy Backup

Grogu, seeing his dad get captured by a terrifying monster, rushes back to the ship and zooms to the nearby planet Kalevala, where Bo-Katan keeps up her stoic silence in a long-abandoned castle. Grogu’s sudden appearance surprises Bo-Katan, who expected to see Din pop out of the distinctive N1 fighter, and the two zoom back to Mandalore to rescue Din.

Bo-Katan is no slouch in a fight, easily besting some of the hostile wildlife in the Mines of Mandalore. She’s able to make short work of the insectile abomination that captured Din, using the Darksaber and proving her worth as a lightsaber combatant. Reunited with Grogu, Din vows to continue his spelunking journey deeper into the mines. Bo-Katan reluctantly joins him.

When the two approach the Living Waters chamber, Bo-Katan explains that she also took the Mandalorian Creed in her youth. However, she never believed in the old folk tales and considered them fodder for her subjects to enjoy. She even notes that she once bathed in the Living Waters but never believed in the stories about gigantic Mythosaurs living in the mines. 

The Legends are Real

Once Din and Bo-Katan find the mines, they learn that this region has been largely undisturbed by the Empire’s bombing campaign. Din finally manages to step into the Living Waters, a sacred location that Mandalorians use as a baptismal pool. Before he can finish reciting the Creed, he falls into a deeper portion of the pool and sinks out of sight.

Bo-Katan comes to his rescue once more, diving under the water to pull him back to the surface. As she sinks, she turns off her helmet light to better see Din’s own light beneath the murk and grime. She finds him at the bottom of the pool and uses her jetpack to send both of them back toward the surface. With her helmet light back on, she sees a gigantic creature she missed on the way down: a city-sized monster called the Mythosaur.

This is a huge revelation, as it indicates that the legendary dinosaur-like creatures aren’t actually extinct. The first ruler on Mandalore, Mand’alor the Great, once tamed a Mythosaur and made its distinctive skull the icon of their planet. Perhaps that fate lies ahead for Din. Or, maybe Bo-Katan will prove herself to be the worthy ruler of Mandalore, reclaiming her birthright.