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Wanda Maximoff Is a Style Icon

Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, has been serving looks every time she shows up on-screen in the MCU. These five outfits are some of Wanda's most iconic!
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The end credit scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier was our first view of Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She wasn’t wearing the cutest outfit, but that changed very quickly.

Throughout Wanda’s five appearances in MCU films (and her own television show, of course) we have seen her rock some iconic looks – and a lot of leather! Whether she is in battle, undercover, or just in her own made-up world, she seems to do no wrong in the fashion department.

It is my honor to show you all my five favorite Wanda Maximoff outfits that she has worn throughout her MCU appearances. Wanda has always had style, but let’s be real, some outfits really stick out more than others!

Wanda’s Battle Outfit in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel Studios | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Age of Ultron is the film that gets us acquainted with Wanda and her brother Pietro. It is also where we are introduced to her first battle outfit, which is a bit grunge and a bit high fashion. Wanda is wearing an ombre red leather jacket that she pairs with a black dress, knee-high socks, and black chunky heeled boots. It doesn’t matter that wearing a dress isn’t super realistic for battle, because she works her outfit while fighting the bad guy!

Wanda’s Incognito Outfit in Avengers: Infinity War

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If you have to hide, why not hide in style? Wanda and Vision are hiding after the events of Captain America: Civil War in Scotland and obviously don’t want to be found. We see Wanda wearing a beanie, long army green jacket, a black t-shirt, and dark jeans. You would think that an outfit sounding so simple would be bland, but alas, Wanda knows how to make simple into fashion.

Wanda’s Dinner Party Outfit in WandaVision “Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience”

Marvel Studios | Disney Platform Distribution

I personally love every outfit Wanda wears in this episode. She channels Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show. Her wedding dress and her nightgown with a matching robe are both vintage fashion at its finest, but the dress she wears during the impromptu dinner party is the one I would wear all the time. She has the cutest floral earrings and matching necklace. I think Laura Petrie would be jealous of her fabulous outfit!

Wanda’s ‘80’s Outfit in WandaVision “On a Very Special Episode…”

Marvel Studios | Disney Platform Distribution

I am usually not a huge fan of ‘80s fashion, but this particular outfit Wanda wore really won me over. The plaid shirt paired with high-waisted jeans and suspenders was not on my list of outfits I thought I would like, but here we are. Wanda also accessorizes with matching red Keds, which completes the whole ensemble, making it totally rad.

Wanda’s New Superhero Outfit in WandaVision “The Series Finale”

Marvel Studios | Disney Platform Distribution

The most iconic outfit on this whole list happens towards the middle of the last episode of WandaVision. The officially christened Scarlet Witch transcends with her powers and then magically changes into the coolest outfit ever. Leather is still involved, but this time, her outfit seems a lot more breathable and movable. It is also a modern take on her comic book costume, and I think it does her superpowers and character justice. The Scarlet Witch is just getting started, and that outfit is hopefully here to stay.