Watch: ‘6 Days of Witchmas’ Content Campaign

Courtesy of Netflix

Get ready to toss a coin to your Witcher! Or at least, fans of The Witcher are invited to participate in Netflix’s ‘6 Days of Witchmas’ campaign, where they’ll be able to see new content released daily on social media.

News of the ‘6 Days of Witchmas’ was first revealed on The Witcher’s official Twitter account through a series of tweets. The holiday-themed event will begin on December 16 until it ends on December 21.

Fans Will Vote Daily to Accept a “Gift” or Invoke the “Law of Surprise”

Fans who participate in the event will be able to cast daily votes in order to accept a “gift,” or they can choose to invoke the “law of surprise.”

The tweets further explained:

“I have acquired these gifts by searching far and wide for the ‘content’ that you so often request from me. The presentation of these gifts will be dictated by Witchmas tradition:

“On each day of the 6 Days of Witchmas, I will offer you a gift. You may choose to accept that gift, OR you may choose to invoke the Law of Surprise.”

“The decision will be made as a collective, based on a vote that will be held here. The winning choice will be revealed the following day – along with a new offering and another vote.

“Choose wisely,” a further tweet warned. “For my gift offers are sincere, but the Law of Surprise is out of my musically-gifted hands.”

Watch the Trailer:

If you still haven’t watched The Witcher and want a chance to better understand the meaning of the Law of Surprise, watch the trailer for Season 1 below: