Might Ducks Game Changers
Courtesy of Disney Plus

Watch: Disney’s Mighty Ducks TV Series Trailer Released

Disney Plus has released a trailer for their new Mighty Ducks: Game Changers tv series, starring Emilio Estevez and Lauren Graham.
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Who can forget the Mighty Ducks?! This is especially true if you were a 90s kid, as you might have very fond memories of the entire Mighty Ducks movie franchise.

In the original, a team of underdog children are led to ice hockey glory by a former player who was forced to coach them as part of community service after getting a DUI.

Mighty Ducks Return in New Disney Plus TV Series

In the new Disney Plus series, Emilio Estevez returns to play the role of Gordon Bombay as he coaches a new group of children alongside Lauren Graham.

Judging from the nostalgia-packed trailer, Cobra Kai might have some competition on the streaming platform! You can’t help but wonder if the new Mighty Duck series will feature even more familiar faces, such as Elden Henson (Marvel’s Daredevil) or Joshua Jackson (Fringe.)

Mark your calendars for March 26 if you’d like to see the Mighty Ducks in action when the series arrives on Disney Plus.

Watch the Trailer: