History of Swear Words
Courtesy of Netflix

Watch: Nicolas Cage Hosts ‘History of Swear Words’ on Netflix

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Nicolas Cage will soon be appearing on Netflix as the host for a profanely exciting new series called a “History of Swear Words.” The six-episode series will premiere on Jan. 5, and it’ll dive into the origins of some of the most striking swear words that we probably shouldn’t list here.

Not only that, but Cage will interview entertainers, historians, and experts who specialize in pop culture and etymology as they explore the cultural impact, science, and pop culture usage of swear words.

‘History of Swear Words’ Will Feature Many Famous Faces

You can expect to see a plethora of proudly profane and playful performers on “History of Swear Words,” including Nick Offerman, Baron Vaughn, Sarah Silverman, Isiah Whitlock Jr, Joel Kim Booster, Open Mike Eagle, DeRay Davis, Pattie Harrison, Nikki Glaser, Zainab Johnson, Jim Jeffries, and London Hughes.

“History of Swear Words” marks Nicolas Cage’s latest venture into television. He will also play Joe Exotic in the upcoming “Tiger King” series, which will be Cage’s first regular TV role. Amazon Studios recently picked up the series in September.

Watch the Trailer: