Wednesday: Which Jericho Teen Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you a Hyde monster or a teenage Goo Goo Muck? Read on and find out!
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When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, these Jericho teens turn into teenage Goo Goo Mucks!

The world has fallen in love with Netflix’s Wednesday, and that is in no small part due to the talented actors playing all the interesting characters. So let’s find out which teenage character we are based on our zodiac signs. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun sign. You can check your birth chart here.

Because this show has so many characters, I’m going to be creating another list in the future, pairing the zodiac signs with the adult characters in the show!

This article contains spoilers and some of the video links may have upsetting scenes. Read and view at your own discretion.


Aries – Eugene Ottinger


Portrayed by Moosa Mostafa

Aries are super brave and loyal! But that doesn’t mean that they always think through their actions or make the best decisions. Sweet, courageous little Eugene is incredibly loyal to Wednesday. And he is also brave enough to investigate a mysterious cave and risk being attacked by the Hyde monster. Also, if he is an Aries, it would explain why he has a crush on Aquarius Enid… and yes I did just spoil Enid’s pairing and I don’t care.

Also, I feel like if there were any insect that Aries loved more than any others it would be bees, because their stingers are like little butt swords, and Aries love a good battle weapon!

Taurus – Ajax Petropolus


Portrayed by Georgie Farmer

Taureans are earth signs. And what could possibly be more earthy than a guy who can turn people to stone? But that is not the only reason I paired Ajax with Taurus. Taureans are known to be wholesome sweethearts, and I honestly can’t think of any other teenager in this show who is as wholesome as Ajax.

Gemini – Tyler Galpin


Portrayed by Hunter Doohan

Even though I am pretty sure that a lot of you Geminis will be mad at me for this pairing, I feel like the choice is pretty obvious. Geminis are known for their dualistic nature. And there is no one more dualistic on this show than Tyler Galpin. Even though he can be sweet like the mutable air sign, his mood swings are erratic at best and downright monstrous at worst. I’m sorry I had to pair you with the Hyde, Geminis, but at least you got paired with a pretty cool-looking monster with an interesting backstory.

Cancer – Bianca Barclay 


Portrayed by Joy Sunday

Of course I paired a siren with the cardinal water signs. But I didn’t just pair Bianca with Cancer because of her watery nature. Bianca demonstrates excellent leadership skills and all cardinal signs have excellent leadership qualities. Cancerians are also known to be a tad bit manipulative, and Bianca struggles with the fact that everyone thinks she is going to manipulate them with her siren powers. Cancerians are also quite compassionate, and underneath the Queen Bee’s cold exterior she has quite a warm heart.

Leo – Yoko Tanaka


Portrayed by Naomi J. Ogawa

Leos are stylish and sexy. And I have never, ever met an unattractive Leo. So naturally, I had to pair the fixed fire sign with the dramatically beautiful vampire, Yoko Tanaka. But I did not just pair them together for aesthetic reasons. Fire signs tend to get along really well with air signs and she is one of Aquarius Enid’s best friends. And yes I know I just spoiled Enid’s pairing for the second time in this article and I still don’t care.

Also I really hope we get to see more of Yoko in the second season.

Virgo – Pugsley Addams


Portrayed by Isaac Ordonez

So Pugsley doesn’t go to Nevermore yet so he technically doesn’t live in Jericho. But it is only a matter of time before he follows in his sister’s footsteps. Though he himself is part of the spooky Addams clan, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a kind heart like Virgo. He is also incredibly timid like the mutable earth sign, which is probably why he needs his sister to protect him.

Libra – Lucas 


Portrayed by Iman Marson

Libras are known to be diplomatic justice-seekers. But they are also known to be wishy-washy fence-sitters and Lucas is kind of both. He hangs out with both the normies and the outcasts but he doesn’t always stand up for the outcasts against bully normies even though he sympathizes with the Nevermore students and even seems to have a crush on one of them.

Scorpio – Rowan Laslow


Portrayed by Calum Ross

Alas poor Rowan! We hardly knew ye! Rowan Laslow not only has the distinction of having one of the coolest names in the show, but also being one of the first people on the series that tries to kill Wednesday. Like the secretive Scorpio, he keeps his true intentions close to the vest and is rather suspicious of Wednesday’s true intentions.

Sagittarius- Wednesday Addams


Portrayed by Jenna Ortega

It was agony trying to find the perfect zodiac pairing for the show’s titular character. Wednesday Addams is an outcast even amongst the outcast, so she could be an Aquarius. But she is also quite temperamental and broody so she could be a Scorpio. But ultimately I ended up pairing the Dark Horse of Nevermore with the Dark Horse of the zodiac. Just like the sagely Sagittarius, Wednesday is incredibly intelligent, ambitious, introspective, and knows how to let loose at a party. 

And if she is a Sagittarius, it makes sense why she is so close to Aquarius Enid… maybe I like spoiling my own articles. Did you ever think of that?

Capricorn – Xavier Thorpe


Portrayed by Percy Hynes White

Poor Xavier got a pretty bad rep throughout the show. Wednesday was convinced that he was the Hyde monster when in reality he was just a protective dude with a crush. Like the cardinal earth sign, Xavier is a no-nonsense know-it-all and just a bit judgemental. But he is also fiercely protective of Wednesday. And he is absolutely charming.

Aquarius – Enid Sinclair


Portrayed by Emma Myers

I know I’ve spoiled this pairing like three times, but now I actually get to explain it. Enid Sinclair would make a perfect Aquarius for several reasons. Aquarians are often seen as outcasts and Enid is seen as an outcast in her own family because she is the only one who hasn’t fully wolfed out yet. Aquarians are also quite temperamental and Enid becomes understandably upset when she thinks Ajax stood her up. The fixed water sign is also known to have an incredible fashion sense, and Enid is the most stylish student at Nevermore.

Pisces – Goody Addams


Portrayed by Jenna Ortega

Goody Addams was one of the first teenagers in Jericho. She is also an incredibly talented psychic and everyone who has Pisces in a prominent place in their charts is known to have psychic proclivities. This is also a perfect pairing because if Goody is a Pisces and Wednesday is a Sagittarius, that means that they are planetary twins since both signs are ruled by Jupiter. 

Fun fact: Pisces has two ruling planets. Though their ruling planet is Neptune, their ancient ruling planet is Jupiter.

Ophiuchus- Thing


Portrayed by Victor Dorobantu

Ophiuchus is not a real sign, but we needed a 13th sign since Wednesday was born on Friday the 13th.

Ophiuchus is not a real zodiac sign and Thing is not actually a Jericho teenager… or are they? I mean… do we actually know if Thing was a teenager’s hand or not?