Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars

What Fans Should Expect from the Upcoming ‘Ahsoka’ Series

'Ahsoka' will start streaming on Disney+ in 2023. What should you expect from this highly anticipated show?
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Fan-favorite Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano will be getting her own standalone series on Disney+ at some point in 2023. Attendees at the Star Wars Celebration in May reported that Disney showed off a teaser trailer behind closed doors. The trailer reportedly showed off some plot details that have fans buzzing!

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian

If you’re a bit behind on your Star Wars TV shows, Ahsoka is a beloved character who has never appeared on-screen during the films but is a major character in The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett. She was a Padawan student who trained under Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars and left the Jedi Order before the Great Purge. She later became a hero of the Rebellion and joined the crew of the Ghost in some of the Rebel Alliance’s earliest conflicts against the Empire.

Today, we’ll talk about what reputable sources say was included in the Ahsoka trailer, casting details, and what kinds of plot points fans can expect to see in the hotly-anticipated show. While some of this isn’t set in stone, consider this a formal spoiler warning in case you want to go into the show completely untouched by fan theories and rumors. This article will also include spoilers regarding The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett. 

Where Has Ahsoka Been?

Ahsoka’s had a long and winding journey through Star Wars history. She wasn’t present for the events of any of the nine mainline films, but she was in the background of the Clone Wars and the early Rebellion. In the Clone Wars TV series, we see her as a young girl training under Anakin Skywalker. She’s a natural-born leader who inspires the clone troopers of the 501st Legion, and her rough history with the Jedi Order helps inform Anakin’s later fall from grace.

In the middle of the Clone Wars, Padawan Bariss Offee betrays the order and bombs a temple on Coruscant. She frames Ahsoka for the crime, which results in a huge manhunt, and sees Ahsoka expelled from the Order. While she eventually clears her name, Ahsoka becomes so disgusted with the order for not believing her that she leaves it behind. She would later briefly return to help the 501st Legion capture Darth Maul during the Siege of Mandalore, but her homecoming was short-lived. Palpatine initiated the deadly Order 66 as Ahsoka returned to Coruscant with the Sith Lord.

After the Clone Wars, she joined the Rebellion and acted as a liaison under the codename “Fulcrum”. She helped the Ghost crew take the fight to the Empire, though they assumed she lost her life while battling Vader in a climactic confrontation in a Sith temple. Thankfully, Padawan Ezra Bridger managed to use a Force artifact that opened a portal to the past and pulled Ahsoka through to the future, averting her possible fate. 

Live-Action Ahsoka

Ahsoka made her live-action debut in The Mandalorian season 2, portrayed by Rosario Dawson. Dawson has done an incredible job capturing the spirit of the once animated-only character, translating her mannerisms and body language to live action. In The Mandalorian, protagonist Din Djarin meets Ahsoka on a backwater feudal planet where she’s seeking information about an old nemesis: Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Thrawn disappeared at the end of the Battle of Lothal, along with Ezra Bridger. Bridger succeeded in banishing Thrawn and his flagship by summoning a pod of spacefaring whales named Purgills, who then hyperspace jumped with Thrawn and Ezra into an unknown region of space. At the end of Rebels, Ezra’s allies Sabine Wren and Ahsoka swore to explore unknown space to find him and bring him home.

By the time of The Mandalorian, Ezra’s been missing for a decade. That means the teenage Padawan has likely now grown into a full-fledged Jedi. Fans have been wondering for years what Lucasfilm plans to do with Ezra and Thrawn, though, and Ahsoka’s appearance in The Mandalorian teases this reveal. Many fans were surprised to see that Ahsoka was no longer traveling with Sabine despite having failed to find both her friend, Ezra, and her quarry, Thrawn.

Meeting Luke

During the events of The Book of Boba Fett, audiences learned that Ahsoka had finally met Luke Skywalker, her former master’s son. The two were friends during the period following the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the second Death Star, but Ahsoka didn’t spend much time around Luke’s fledgling Jedi academy. Her history with the Order prevented her from seriously considering another entry into the world of organized Jedi training.

During this period, Ahsoka helps the young Padawan Grogu during his early training with Luke. However, Grogu quickly changes his mind about living his life in a Jedi temple and decides to return to his wandering ways as an apprentice under Din Djarin. After this, Ahsoka takes off for parts unknown–perhaps to rejoin Sabine and continue their search for Ezra and Thrawn?

Fans assume that the Ahsoka series will pick up after the events of Book of Boba Fett, which would set them a few years after the Battle of Endor. However, it’s possible that the series takes place earlier in the timeline–perhaps before the events of Return of the Jedi? If so, then it’s unlikely Ezra or Thrawn will make an appearance. After all, if Ahsoka’s still looking for Thrawn in the second season of The Mandalorian, it’s unlikely that she found him in the intervening decade. 

Sabine Wren

The coolest thing about the new wave of Star Wars shows for most fans has been seeing animated characters brought to life in live-action. One fan-favorite character has already been confirmed to appear in the upcoming Ahsoka series. Lucasfilm confirmed during the Star Wars Celebration that Australian actor Natasha Liu Bordizzo will portray Sabine Wren in live action, a turn that has many fans excited for the series. 

Notably, Bordizzo’s casting gives us an idea of when the show might take place. She’s a bit younger than Sabine would be at The Mandalorian’s point in the timeline–the actor is 27, while Sabine would be around 29. This lends some credibility to the theory that Ahsoka will take place after The Book of Boba Fett. Many fans have speculated that Sabine might meet Din Djarin during the series, as it would be fascinating to hear her take on Din’s connection to the cult-like Children of the Watch faction. 

Sabine is also responsible for reclaiming the Darksaber from the villainous Maul, which led to it passing to Bo-Katan Kryze after the Battle of Mandalore. Given that Din Djarin is the current wielder of the Darksaber, this makes the two more connected than some casual viewers might realize. Fans would be delighted to see Sabine’s take on the current state of Mandalore and Din’s ownership of the mythical Darksaber.

The Secretive Trailer

According to sources who were present during the closed-doors trailer for Ahsoka shown during the Celebration event in May, quite a few characters from Rebels will be making their live-action debuts in the new series. Attendees say the Rebel Alliance captain Hera Syndullah, the owner of the legendary Ghost and main character of the Rebels series, made an appearance during the trailer.

Moreover, it’s possible her son, Jacen Syndullah, made a brief appearance. Attendees noted a character reached out their hand to try to use the Force to move a cup, and that this little Padawan could be the son of the late Kanan Jarrus and Hera. Jacen has only appeared once on-screen, in one of the final shots of Rebels. After Kanan gave his life to save the Ghost, Hera raised Jacen on her own. 

The trailer also reportedly includes a shot of a mural that suggests Ezra might appear at some point. Lucasfilm has shared no casting news regarding either Ezra or Thrawn, but it would be unusual for Ahsoka to bring back so many beloved characters from Rebels without resolving that show’s cliffhanger ending. Some fans are essentially expecting Ahsoka to act as Rebels’ fifth season, given how many plot threads it could resolve from that show.

When Will We See ‘Ahsoka’?

Ahsoka started filming in May 2022, so it’ll likely hit Disney+ at some point in the first half of 2023. Disney has offered no release window for the series aside from “sometime next year,” but tradition holds that it would take about a year after the start of filming for a Disney+ show to start streaming. Depending on how long post-production takes, though, the show could conceivably slip into the second half of the year.

In any case, fans are growing excited about the possibility of seeing their favorite characters from Rebels appear for the first time in live action. Series Director Dave Filoni served as the creative lead on Rebels, too, so many fans expect Ahsoka to function as a direct follow-up to that series. While The Mandalorian is a crowd-pleasing show for old and new fans alike, Ahsoka is shaping up to be a love letter to longtime fans who have kept up with Filoni’s series since the 2008 Clone Wars film introduced us to Ashoka 14 years ago.

In the meantime, there are plenty of shows coming to Disney+ soon. Notably, The Mandalorian season 3 and Andor will hit the service before the end of the year!