Howard the Duck in What If...? trailer
Marvel via YouTube

Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Brings Back Howard the Duck — What’s Next for Our Fowl Friend?

The trailer for Marvel's 'What If...?' features oddball character Howard the Duck--and Seth Green has confirmed his return to voice the character. But will we see even more Howard in the MCU?
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It looks like Howard the Duck will make an appearance in What If…? alongside T’Challa and other fan-favorite Marvel characters.

Universal Pictures via GIPHY

We saw the anthropomorphic extraterrestrial duck in a couple of brief cameos in MCU movies in recent years, but now the character is getting a proper resurrection with an episode in the new animated series. Does this mean we might see more Howard the Duck in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

What If…? is doubling down on multiverse wackiness. The fourth TV series from Marvel will reimagine established Marvel characters in alternate timelines and completely different contexts. What if Black Panther joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, or what if Peggy Carter becomes a super-soldier instead of Steve Rogers?

Howard the Duck Appears in What If…? Trailer

Apparently Howard the Duck is getting the multiverse alternate universe treatment, too. When trailers for What If…? dropped, fans definitely noticed the character.

Howard the Duck has made some very brief appearances in other MCU films, totaling less than two minutes of screen time. He first showed up in the post-credits scene of 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. He came back for 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Both times, actor Seth Green has voiced the wisecracking duck.

Green has confirmed that he will return to voice Howard the Duck for What If…? After the show’s trailer was released, he took to Twitter to tell fans he is “beyond excited” to be part of the new show.

‘Howard the Duck’ Movie Almost Destroyed Marvel AND Universal Pictures

Howard the Duck originally appeared in comics back in 1973, before the notorious, ill-fated 1986 movie adaptation.

The 1986 movie, Howard the Duck, was a huge flop — the movie cost the studio more than $45 million, and only earned $16.2 million domestic and $37.9 million worldwide. Critics ripped the film apart, and the media bashed it to pieces. In fact, the movie was such a failure that Frank Price, the then president of Universal Pictures, resigned.

Kevin Smith tried to bring Howard back to the screen with an animated series for Hulu. Unfortunately, Hulu decided not to go forward with the show in January 2020.

But Will We See Even More Howard the Duck?

Even still, this anthropomorphic duck has a cult following these days. And those fans are excited to see Howard the Duck get another chance.

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Green about voicing the character. It looks like they might have been wondering the same thing the rest of us: will we see more Howard?! Will he get redemption with a new movie?

THR asked about the future of Howard in the MCU and the possibility of a Howard the Duck movie remake, but Green dodged like an expert. All he said was, “I think we can all rest assured that Marvel has good plans for all their characters that are going to make sense.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to cross my fingers and my toes. Here’s to hoping that Howard the Duck gets more time in the MCU!