Sorting Winx Club Characters into Hogwarts Houses feat
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Sorting ‘Winx Club’ Characters into Hogwarts Houses

It’s about time we send these characters to Hogwarts! How would they fare in the magical world of Harry Potter instead of 'Winx Club'?
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I’ll be the first to say Winx Club is a million times better than its Walmart-grade live-action remake, Fate: The Winx Saga. But since the characters in the remake talked about their Hogwarts houses (which were wrong, by the way), I thought it fitting to sort the characters from the original show. I’ll be taking in nearly every choice they’ve made, their motivations, and their personalities to place them in a Hogwarts house. I’ll also be talking about what their lives would be like in the wizarding world.

As a refresher: Slytherins are sly and ambitious, and Ravenclaws are creative, wise, and perfectionistic. Gryffindors are courageous yet reckless, while Hufflepuffs are loyal and hard-working.

Stormy: Gryffindor

Stormy; Gryffindor crest
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The first of the Trix I’ll be talking about gets a hot take. Stormy would be a Gryffindor – which is weird since so many people associate the house with heroes instead of villains. But she’s the most reckless of the Trix while still being extremely brave compared to other witches in the show.

If Stormy went to Hogwarts, she’d do extremely well in potions and transfiguration. She would also excel with weather spells. Stormy would be Gryffindor’s Keeper starting in her second year. After Hogwarts, she’d invent new weather spells as her job.

Darcy: Ravenclaw

Darcy; Ravenclaw crest
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With Darcy’s powers, it just felt right to put her in the “brainy” house. In order to use her powers, she needs to be smart and creative so as not to cause harm she didn’t mean to do. So, into Ravenclaw Darcy goes.

Darcy would excel at Divination, as well as be a natural talent with Legilimency. And while she wouldn’t be on the Quidditch team, she does play away from school sometimes. After leaving Hogwarts, Darcy would go on to serve on the Wizengamot.

Icy: Slytherin

Icy; Slytherin crest
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As the last (but certainly not the least) of the Trix, Icy would no doubt be sorted into Slytherin. She is cunning and extremely ambitious – maybe the most ambitious in any season of Winx Club. It only makes sense for Icy to be a Slytherin.

At Hogwarts, Icy would be Slytherin’s Seeker for her fifth through seventh years. She’d also excel in Transfiguration and Divination. After Hogwarts, Icy would become a Cursebreaker before turning to a life of crime trying to get ahead.

Roxy: Hufflepuff

Roxy; Hufflepuff crest
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Oh, Roxy, the forgotten Winx girl – seriously, why did they leave her out of so much after season four? She’s extremely loyal, even to the Winx girls shortly after meeting them. And Roxy’s hard-working; she literally worked so much just to help her dad out every day.

If Roxy went to Hogwarts, she’d be one of the top students in Care of Magical Creatures. I also think she’d enjoy Muggle Studies whether or not she was a Muggle-born or not. She’d also be a Chaser on her house’s team. After Hogwarts, Roxy would become a Magizoologist.

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Helia: Hufflepuff

Helia; Hufflepuff crest
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Much like Roxy, Helia meets the group of fairies and Specialists later in the series but bonds quickly with them. He’s the most pacifistic of the group of Specialists, which is uncommon. He just radiates Hufflepuff energy.

Again like Roxy, Hello would do extremely well in Care of Magical Creatures. He’d also really enjoy Divination. He wouldn’t play Quidditch because he doesn’t like the competitive aspect but would be at all the games. He’d go into Healing after Hogwarts.

Nabu: Ravenclaw

Nabu; Ravenclaw crest
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While Nabu may have died shortly after meeting the group (I’m still sad), I couldn’t skip him. Other than Timmy, Nabu was the smartest Specialist in the group. He also utilized magic, which he used to fight the bad guys. Because of his distinctive fighting style, I had to put him in Ravenclaw.

I could see Nabu being the top student in his class every year. His favorite, though, would definitely be Charms; Flitwick is his favorite professor, too. He’d be on the Quidditch team during his second and third years but after that would dedicate his time to studying. After Hogwarts, he’d join the Wizengamot.

Riven: Slytherin

Riven; Slytherin crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Rainbow | RAI | Nickelodeon

Riven is a hot-head which could have put him in Gryffindor on passion alone. But the way he switched teams early on to best get ahead makes Riven more a Slytherin than anything. So, into Slytherin this Specialist goes.

At Hogwarts, Riven would do well enough in all of his classes but would only really live for the competition that is Quidditch. He’d be one of the Slytherin Beaters starting in his second year. After Hogwarts, Riven would become an Auror.

Timmy: Hufflepuff

Timmy; Hufflepuff crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Rainbow | RAI | Nickelodeon

Timmy may be the “smart” one of his group of friends, but he’s also the most loyal and hardworking. He constantly works on new strategies and equipment just to help his friends (both the Specialists and Winx girls). So, while he may be smart, he values his friends’ loyalty more, making him a Hufflepuff.

Timmy would excel at nearly every one of his classes – the only one he doesn’t work well in is Divination. He also would be Hufflepuff’s Quidditch expert despite never playing. Timmy would become a professor after Hogwarts.

Brandon: Gryffindor

Brandon; Gryffindor crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Rainbow | RAI | Nickelodeon

Brandon is just as brave as Specialists are supposed to be. He’s a strong fighter who’s willing to go to bat for Sky, Stella, or any of the other main characters. Brandon is literally one of the bravest Specialists in the show; Gryffindor himself would be proud.

Brandon would be the middle-ground for a top student and a “good enough” student. He’d get high grades but never quite the highest. Outside of academics, Brandon would be a great Chaser on his house’s Quidditch team. After Hogwarts, he’d become a Cursebreaker.

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Sky: Gryffindor

Sky; Gryffindor crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Rainbow | RAI | Nickelodeon

Sky is courageous and a bit reckless. But first and foremost, he’s just always running in headfirst when something matters to his friends (specifically Bloom).

Sky’s best classes would be Care of Magical Creatures and Defense Against the Dark Arts. He’s also a Gryffindor Chaser with Brandon. After Hogwarts, Sky would marry Bloom nearly right after leaving Hogwarts and become an Auror.

Tecna: Ravenclaw

Tecna; Ravenclaw crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Rainbow | RAI | Nickelodeon

Tecna is almost a robot, with her very analytical and rational thinking. So while she’s missing a bit of that creativity that most Ravenclaws display, she’s nearly a perfect fit into the brainiest Hogwarts house.

At Hogwarts, Tecna would be the top student in her year, Quidditch strategist for Ravenclaw, Prefect, and Head Girl. She’d also show up to every Quidditch game just to support her friends. Tecna would become a professor right alongside Timmy after Hogwarts.

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Aisha: Gryffindor

Aisha/Layla; Gryffindor crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Rainbow | RAI | Nickelodeon

When Aisha first showed up in season two of Winx Club, she had charged into a situation that was way more than she could handle. She’s reckless and brave, just like a Gryffindor should be. I even think Godric Gryffindor wouldn’t be as courageous!

At Hogwarts, Aisha would excel at Defense Against the Dark Arts. She’d even tutor her friends and younger students. She’d also be Gryffindor’s Keeper starting in her third year. After Hogwarts, Aisha would become a bounty hunter.

Flora: Hufflepuff

Flora; Hufflepuff crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Rainbow | RAI | Nickelodeon

Flora is one of the most pacifistic characters in Winx Club along with her boyfriend, Helia. That’s one thing she has in common with the residents of Hufflepuff. Flora also has the other main qualities of Hufflepuffs, so it was a no-brainer to sort her there.

If Flora went to Hogwarts, she would do well in Herbology and Potions. She’d also stick by Helia’s side during Quidditch matches; he’d explain what was going on because she’d be lost. Flora would become a herbologist after Hogwarts.

Musa: Ravenclaw

Musa; Ravenclaw crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Rainbow | RAI | Nickelodeon

When you think of Ravenclaw, you’re probably imagining a dark academia aesthetic. But another feature of Ravenclaws is creativity. Muse has got tons of that. She is the fairy of music, after all.

Musa would do well enough in all of her classes, but her interests would lie in creative ways to use magic. She’d be talked into playing Quidditch during her fifth year and would stick with it for the rest of her school years. After Hogwarts, she’d become a famous musician.

Stella: Gryffindor

Stella; Gryffindor crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Rainbow | RAI | Nickelodeon

Stella may be the ultimate girly girl, but she’s also much braver than she’s given credit for. In just the pilot episode of Winx Club, she takes on a troll on her own; true, she was struggling, but she did it anyway.

At Hogwarts, Stella would struggle in many of her classes until she befriended Bloom and the other Winx girls. She’d join Gryffindor’s Quidditch team as the Seeker during her third year. She’d go into fashion after Hogwarts, running a wizarding clothing brand.

Bloom: Gryffindor

Bloom; Gryffindor crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Rainbow | RAI | Nickelodeon

Contrary to what her live-action counterpart says in the terrible Netflix show, Bloom is not a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin. She is quite literally the embodiment of a Gryffindor. She’s courageous and loyal to her friends, but she also runs headfirst into danger if it means protecting her loved ones.

At Hogwarts, Bloom would be a Muggle-born who takes to flying immediately. She’d be the star Chaser from her third to seventh years; she’d also excel in Defense Against the Dark Arts. After Hogwarts, she’d become an Auror and marry Sky right after school.