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The Absolute Worst Couples on Disney Channel

Disney movies have put out some great romances for kids to live up to. But Disney Channel – not so much.
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I was raised during the golden years of Disney Channel with That’s So Raven, Hannah Montana, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. And while there were some couples that I loved, there were some really troublesome pairings that still give me “the ick.” Disney Channel has a lousy track record of the main characters ending up with the wrong person in their ever-so-present love triangles. Speaking of those love triangles, why was there one in almost every show? Anyway, here are the worst couples Disney Channel tried to convince us were amazing. And, spoiler alert: I will be talking about their relationship throughout the show.

Cece and Logan from Shake It Up

It’s been a while since I watched Shake It Up, so I can’t remember if this was an actual couple or just a weird situationship. Regardless, when I remembered the two of them, it rubbed me the wrong way. It reminded me of the Clueless pairing of Cher and Josh (which didn’t age well) and the non-canon shipping of Derek and Casey from Life with Derek.

If this pairing happened in the real world…actually, I doubt this would have happened in the real world at all. If it hadn’t been a Disney Channel show, their parents would have gone through with the wedding with relatively no drama. And because of that, I doubt what “chemistry” fans saw would have led anywhere.

Rocky and Logan from Shake It Up

Yes, it’s the same guy, but this time, he’s paired with Cece’s best friend, Rocky. And while this couple wasn’t horrible compared to Cece and Logan, it just didn’t feel right. If you think you have to hide your relationship from your best friend, maybe it’s a sign you shouldn’t be dating.

On that note, I do think these two could have made it a long time before they broke up in the real world. Rocky and Logan did care for each other, and I think they’d work hard to make it work. But Rocky going off to college and having her dream career would have led them to different life paths.

Mack and Brady from Teen Beach 2

Mack and Brady from Teen Beach Movie
Disney Channel | Disney-ABC Domestic Television | Rain Forest Productions

In Teen Beach Movie, I loved how they were drifting away and came back together again. I wish they would have left it alone. But Disney came back with a second movie and completely ruined the characters and their relationship.

Mack was much more uptight than Brady knew she was, mainly because he was more of a slacker at school. But Brady tried to put in some effort for Mack while still chasing his dreams. But they were just too different – at least until the timeline changed at the end of the movie. Not to mention the trust issues on both sides of the relationship.

In the real world, I honestly think they would have drifted apart at the end of the first movie, mostly because getting sucked into a film isn’t possible. But Mack and Brady would have remained friends. While I wish I could say they would have survived the distance with Mack going to school away from Hawaii, I just can’t.

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Amber and Jonah from Andi Mack

I barely made it halfway through season two. Still, it was really toxic from what I remember of Amber and Jonah’s relationship. Amber was a very controlling girlfriend, and Jonah just let her walk all over him for way too long. Not to mention, they were really serious at a very young age.

I did learn from my friend who was obsessed with the show that both characters grew a lot later on. I do remember their first breakup when Jonah had finally had enough. But after that, it’s all pretty much a blur, and I much preferred the other romantic and platonic relationships from the other characters.

I think Disney Channel did a fantastic job capturing what middle school relationships can be like, as well as how far exes can grow and come back together later in life. From what I learned from my friend, they went on a similar path in the show as what would most likely happen in the real world. But overall, I doubt they’d be each other’s “person.”

Skye, Sean, and Ben from The Lodge

Skye, Ben, and Sean Love Triangle from The Lodge
Disney Channel | Zodiak Kids Studios

This show is a little lesser known than the other shows on the list, but I blame that on the show mostly being aired in Europe instead of America. Regardless, I have some thoughts on this specific love triangle. I understand Disney wanted to add a little drama to the already dramatic life of the main character, but this was unnecessary.

Skye and Ben were the first pairing in the triangle, but then Skye met Ben’s best friend Sean, and everything got flipped on its head. Then Skye chose Sean in the season one finale. Skye then had some trust issues with Sean and changed her mind. But it was too late because Ben had started a relationship with Sean’s ex, Danielle.

While we never know what happens after Skye finds out about Ben and Danielle, I have some ideas. Both Ben and Sean stay friends, but they’re not as close as before. Skye doesn’t end up with either boy, and she focuses more on the North Star Lodge. Thankfully, Ben and Danielle would stay together for a while, but Ben wouldn’t be comfortable being friends with Skye again.

Danielle and Sean from The Lodge

Danielle and Sean from The Lodge
Disney Channel | Zodiak Kids Studios

Let’s talk about another bad relationship from The Lodge. Danielle and Sean was the first established romantic relationship in the show, and it was by far the most toxic. Danielle was extremely controlling and had major trust issues even before Sean gave her any reasons.

They were also only dating because it made sense for the rich kids to date. In the real world, this could have been a very long-living relationship that neither party is happy with. But they only stay together because they feel there’s no other person for them that understands the pressure.

Nini and Ricky from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

This one breaks my heart, but Nini and Ricky were not a good couple after they got back together. I actually think their relationship was a pretty good representation of high school friends to dating timeline that I witnessed a lot when I was in school. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good pairing.

Before season one’s events, it was apparent Nini was much more comfortable and into Ricky than he was to Nini. And when she finally moved on and was with someone else, he did everything he could to cause problems. Even after they got together, he kept causing problems when trying to be a good boyfriend.

While I did cry during their breakup scene in season two, I think it was for the best. Nini thrives when she’s not in a relationship, and we can see that with her music. On the other hand, Ricky needs to work through his issues before he’d be able to commit to another person.

K.C. and Brett from K.C. Undercover

K.C. and Brett from K.C. Undercover
Disney Channel | Rob Lotterstein Productions | It’s a Laugh Productions

I might have loved these two, but let’s be honest, they would never work in the real world. Brett literally tried to kill her and her family because of his father. And yet, they still have that chemistry and romantic feelings that could have gotten them both killed during the show.

It’s very Romeo and Juliet-esque, which is just very problematic in its own way. If this show happened in real life, I can guarantee they would not have made it past K.C. being kidnapped. I don’t know how she forgave him, but she should have kept a grudge.

Miley and Jake from Hannah Montana

Miley-Hannah and Jake from Hannah Montana
Disney Channel | Disney-ABC Domestic Television | Michael Poryes Productions | It’s a Laugh Productions

I loved these two together early on in the show, but it took a turn for the worst in season four. Jake got caught cheating by Oliver’s bandmate and then tried to hide it from Miley. Before that, they were on and off, which shows that they aren’t good for each other. Even Robby Ray knew Jake wasn’t good for Miley.

If these two had met later in life, I honestly think Miley wouldn’t have dated him. And don’t even get me started on the Jake and Jesse love triangle from “He Could Be the One” in season three – she chose the wrong guy. Jesse and Miley were a much better fit.

Sonny and Chad from Sonny with a Chance

I think Sonny said it best during her and Chad’s first breakup. He’s not supportive and “always puts himself first.” Yes, Chad did work on it after he got dumped, but he should have been working on it while he was in the relationship already. I wish we’d gotten to see more of Chad’s growth in season two.

Unlike the other couples before, I actually think these two could have worked out in the real world. That is after Chad became a little less selfish and Sonny had moved on to a new show other than That’s So Random. If there had been a season three, I think we would have seen tremendous growth from both characters.

Riley, Lucas, and Maya from Girl Meets World

Maya, Lucas, and Riley from Girl Meets World
Disney Channel | Michael Jacobs Productions | It’s a Laugh Productions

The only other love triangle I will be talking about from Disney Channel is one of the most annoying and weirdest they’ve ever made. From the moment Riley saw Lucas, she was smitten. And he had a little crush on her, too, but I think that’s only because he was expected to.

Meanwhile, Maya and Lucas are just friends until they take a trip down to Texas. While there, the pairing’s chemistry blossoms. Riley decides to step back for a while, and Maya tries to find herself. Season three ruins that and brings back the stupid love triangle.

If I’d written this love story, Lucas would have ended up with someone not even in their friend group, and there wouldn’t have been the whole triangle situation in the last season. I also wish Riley’s crush on Lucas had passed quickly because she and Farkle were a much better pairing.

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Maddie and Diggie from Liv and Maddie

Maddie and Diggie from Liv and Maddie
Disney Channel | Beck & Hart Productions | Oops Doughnuts Productions | It’s a Laugh Productions

Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t stand Diggie from the get-go. I will be honest. He did grow on me until he left for his foreign exchange program. After that, I kind of forgot about him and started liking Josh with Maddie so much more.

Disney did an okay job showing how long-distance strains relationships (and how sometimes we choose the wrong person). If they’d been in the real world, I think it would have played out similarly. However, I believe Maddie would have taken a little longer deciding to go back to Diggie.

Teddy and Spencer from Good Luck Charlie

Teddy and Spencer from Good Luck Charlie
Disney Channel | It’s a Laugh Productions

This is by far the worst couple Disney Channel has tried to sell me. And that includes the weird Girl Meets World love triangle. Spencer cheated on Teddy and shattered her heart. And when she finally moved on and met a new guy, Spencer comes sauntering back in like he did no wrong.

I still can’t believe she chose him over Beau (seriously, Beau was the biggest catch in the show). I highly doubt Teddy would have gone back to Spencer in the real world just because of the cheating. I even think her family and friends would have done anything to keep him from coming back into her life.