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The Absolute Worst Nickelodeon Couples

Nickelodeon has a great track record with couple goals, but a handful of fictional relationships on their shows are horrible.
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After doing a deep dive into the toxic relationships Disney Channel tried to push as “great,” I decided to do the same with Nickelodeon. And I’ll be honest, Nickelodeon has a much better track record with their canon relationships. That said, there were still some horrible couples that I couldn’t stop myself from hating on. Some are more well-known, but two of my least favorite actually come from lesser-watched shows. Did your least-favorite pairing manage to make this list?

Nat and Rosalina from ‘The Naked Brothers Band’

Nat and Rosalina from The Naked Brothers Band
Nickelodeon | Kidzhouse Entertainment | Worldwide Biggies

I barely remember The Naked Brothers Band, but I do know that most people hated when Nat and Rosaline finally started dating. Before they were together, they were cute and awkward with each other. But once they got together, it just felt like the show just went downhill.

To make matters worse, when they were having troubles in their relationship, the band suffered instead. They didn’t have the communication skills needed to make an already difficult situation work, so putting them together seemed like it was done more for fan service than natural character development. And since the fans despised them as a couple anyway, this pairing just didn’t work on any level.

Logan and Dana from ‘Zoey 101’

Dana and Logan from Zoey 101
Nickelodeon | Schneider’s Bakery | Apollo ProMovie | Dolphin Entertainment

This was a one-episode relationship that never went past a school dance, but I have to talk about it. When all of Pacific Coast Academy took a romantic matching test to get ready for a school dance in season one, Logan and Dana were somehow matched up.

To be honest, none of the matches from this episode were great, but Logan and Dana were the worst. They were way too similar with their short tempers and “don’t care” attitudes. I only liked how they ended things with Dana stomping on his foot and walking away (he deserved it).

Helga and Arnold from ‘Hey, Arnold’

Helga and Arnold from Hey, Arnold
Nickelodeon | Viacom Media Networks | Snee-Oosh, Inc. | Games Animation

Everyone was rooting for Helga to finally admit her feelings to Arnold. When she finally did, it was too late. She had bullied him relentlessly to hide her feelings for him. So many people make excuses for her, but that’s not okay.

Helga had a lot of issues, but the bullying should have been taken care of early in the show. I hope Arnold never took her treatment of him to heart. I’d like to imagine that, as an adult, he made Helga realize how awful she had been growing up.

Timmy and Tootie from ‘Fairly OddParents’

Timmy and Tootie from Fairly OddParents
Nickelodeon | Frederator Studios | Billionfold Inc. | Nelvana International

Yes, these two ended up together in the live-action movies, but the cartoon version of their relationship was way off-putting. And yeah, they’re children, but still. While Tootie had grown so much in the movies, she was borderline stalking Timmy in Fairly OddParents.

Timmy never liked her, yet Tootie really never gave up hope. Being persistent is one thing, but what Tootie did was over the line. Hopefully, they don’t bring Tootie back in the spin-off Fairly Odder or have another character like her.

Emma and Daniel from ‘Every Witch Way’

Emma and Daniel could have been a great couple… if Emma hadn’t needed to lie about her life and keep so many secrets from Daniel. While these two were extremely adorable and there were a few moments when she almost revealed everything, I just can’t see these two together.

Emma was a much better match with Jax because she was able to be herself without lying or hiding her nature. She was always going to face problems in the magical world. Daniel just wasn’t well-equipped when dating a secret witch, and I’m glad they didn’t end up together.

Maddie and Daniel from ‘Every Witch Way’

Maddie and Daniel from Every Witch Way
Nickelodeon | Cinemat

Daniel just had the worst luck when choosing girls for the majority of Every Witch Way. Before he dated Emma, he was with Maddie in an on-again, off-again relationship. She refused to let go for so long. That’s a shame because she and Diego were a great couple.

Together, Maddie and Daniel looked perfect on paper, but their personalities just didn’t mesh well. Maddie was high maintenance, while Daniel was much more laidback. They each needed someone who would match their vibes better.

Bolin and Eska from ‘Legend of Korra’

Bolin and Eska from Legend of Korra
Nickelodeon | ViacomCBS | Paramount

While some people like to forget this show exists, I still love it and will watch it if it’s on TV. That said, it had some really annoying relationships and a couple of downright toxic ones. Out of all of the couples, Bolin and Eska were the absolute worst.

It was mostly one-sided, with Bolin having more feelings and Eska acting like she needed him to fit in. But when things went south with Eska’s father and Korra, she turned against Bolin and fought him in her father’s name. Honestly, neither were quite ready for a relationship to begin with.

Mako, Korra, and Asami from ‘Legend of Korra’

Korra, Mako, and Asami from Legend of Korra
Nickelodeon | ViacomCBS | Paramount

Much like how I couldn’t stand the love triangle between Riley, Maya, and Lucas in Girl Meets World, I couldn’t stand the way season two of Legend of Korra handled this short-lived love triangle. When the show ended, however, I loved where each of these characters wound up.

Korra and Mako were the first to officially date, but Asami was definitely interested in Mako during that time. Then, Mako and Korra had an explosive breakup, and he went to Asami. When Korra came back with no memory of it and Mako didn’t say anything, that was the last straw for me.

Mick and Mara from ‘House of Anubis’

Mick and Mara from House of Anubis
Nickelodeon | Studio 100 | Lime Pictures

Mick and Mara were cute at the beginning, but something always felt off with them. It didn’t help that Mick departed the show partway through season one and left Mara crushed. However, their problems started way before then.

Even before they started dating, Mara was breaking the rules for him. She was never a rulebreaker before that. Honestly, I knew they wouldn’t last after he left, but I wish there had been a better reason for them to break up.

Fabian and Joy from ‘House of Anubis’

Joy and Fabian from House of Anubis
Nickelodeon | Studio 100 | Lime Pictures

I couldn’t stand Joy in House of Anubis, and part of that is because of how she treated the others in the house. She was horrible to Nina, all because of her jealousy over Fabian. Was it worthwhile? No!

Even though these two were probably great before Joy disappeared, getting back together was a horrible decision. Joy developed trust issues that she needed to work through, and Fabian was too hung up on Nina for them to ever work out.

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Lewis and Charlotte from ‘H2O: Just Add Water’

I think everyone who watched H2O: Just Add Water can agree that Charlotte was the worst character in all of Nickelodeon history. She was a manipulative, jealous, and controlling person who couldn’t handle it when someone else (Cleo) was happy.

When comparing Lewis and Cleo’s relationship to Lewis and Charlotte’s, it’s obvious Lewis only dated Charlotte because he felt like it was expected of him. He never really got to speak his mind or do what he wanted, and Charlotte tried to destroy his best friends multiple times.

Rikki and Zane from ‘H2O: Just Add Water’

Rikki and Zane from H2O Just Add Water
Nickelodeon | Jonathan M. Shiff Productions | ZDF Enterprises | Network Ten

While I’m on the subject of H2O: Just Add Water, let’s talk about a fan-favorite pairing: Rikki and Zane. While I admit they were cute early on, their relationship was rocky in season two and went downhill fast in season three.

Season one, he found out she was a mermaid and proved himself to be a good guy. He was a scumball before then, though, so he already had one strike against him. In season two, he stuck by her but forgot that a relationship should be an equal partnership.

And in season three, he “accidentally” cheated on her and then blamed her for it! I can’t tell you how angry I was when I first watched that episode, but Rikki handled it like a champ with her head held high, showing all the growth she’d done.

Carly and Freddie from ‘iCarly’

It’s no secret people loved Carly and Freddie together in their very sparse romantic moments in iCarly, but they weren’t good together. The only times Carly was interested in Freddie were when he was saving the day, like when he got hit by a taco truck for her.

And Freddie wasn’t a saint in their relationship, either. He basically stalked Carly through his peephole, constantly hated on her love interests, and always put her first (even when he shouldn’t). Thankfully, both have shown immense growth in the reboot, so I think a relationship between them could work now.

Sam and Freddie from ‘iCarly’

While I’m talking about iCarly, I have to mention Sam and Freddie. While Carly and Freddie were extremely short-lived, Sam and Freddie’s relationship was much more prominent in the show. That’s not a good thing.

Before they started dating, they acted like they couldn’t stand each other. That barely changed when they got together; the only thing that changed was they kissed now. They even had to use Carly as a mediator every time they argued (which was too often).

Beck and Jade from ‘Victorious’

I’ve watched a lot of TV, so I can say with authority that Beck and Jade had one of the most toxic relationships on any show ever. And for some reason, we never talk about it! In fact, people on social media have called them “couple goals.” I don’t get it.

From the get-go, Jade is extremely possessive, jealous, and a little abusive to everyone around her. And Beck’s no better; he seems uninterested when they’re together and flirts with other girls (specifically Tori). I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand these two together.