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Which Ilvermorny House Would the Harry Potter Characters Be In?

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What Are the Ilvermorny Houses?
These four houses are based on magical creatures that helped guide the founders in their journey to building the school.
Representative of the body and favors warriors and those who thrive in dueling.
Horned Serpent:

Favors scholars and has been compared to Ravenclaw. It’s said that the creature represents the mind.
Represents the heart and favors healers and those that are fiercely willful, even from a young age.
Favors adventurers or those that crave traveling the world and represents a wizard or witch’s soul.
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Bellatrix Lestrange:
It might sound weird to say Bellatrix was sorted into Pukwudgie, a house that seems like it’s full of the sweetest people. However, her fierce loyalty to Voldemort during both wizarding wars shows that her heart is all in one place.
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Voldemort/Tom Riddle: Horned Serpent
While at Hogwarts, Tom Riddle was actually a great student; his interests just lay in a different type of education than he was provided. When he got the chance, he jumped to learn more about Horcruxes and other dark magic that we saw him use in the Harry Potter series.
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Albus Dumbledore: Thunderbird
He would've felt at home in Thunderbird. Above all else, his soul is what guides him most. He also craved a change in his life, even as headmaster. He was always looking ahead to whatever lay next, which also made him the greatest manipulator in every wizarding war he lived through.
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Molly Weasley:
Wampus students are known for producing excellent duelers and warriors. Doesn’t that sound like Molly during the Battle of Hogwarts? She literally defeated Bellatrix, a witch that seemed undefeatable for most of the other characters in the series. She’s also the most fierce when protecting her family.
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