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Lightsabers Legend of Korra Characters Would Wield
Quench Your Pop Culture Thirst!

If Kya lived in the Star Wars universe, she would have been trained with a green lightsaber, like her brother Tenzin. Green represents wisdom and skill and is commonly wielded by those with strong Force powers. However, as a Master, she’d eventually switch to a yellow saber.


Green & Yellow

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Much like her sister, Lin would have been trained by Toph on a blue lightsaber. Her wisdom is why I think she’d be the perfect person to wield a yellow lightsaber. Lin constantly comes up with plans on the spot, even going so far as to sacrifice her bending abilities to save those she cares about.

Lin Beifong:

Blue & Yellow

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When we first met Kai, he was a little thief who did whatever he needed to survive. That leads me to believe he would train with a red lightsaber with the Sith because it would offer more protection for him growing up. However, after turning to the Light Side, he’d discard his red saber and craft his own blue lightsaber to protect his new loved ones.


Red & Blue

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Like Ikki, Meelo would be trained with an orange lightsaber. Following in his uncle’s footsteps seems like the best route for Meelo, so he’d wield a blue saber after his Padawan days are over. He embodies so many of the traits shared among blue lightsaber users that I can’t imagine any other color for Meelo.


Orange & Blue

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Jinora is the only child of Tenzin’s that would keep her original orange saber from her father throughout her entire life. From her journey in the show, she always avoided using violence against others until absolutely necessary.



Quench Your Pop Culture Thirst!

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