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What Color Lightsabers Would the Avengers Wield?

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Ant-Man would only use one color lightsaber from the moment he picked it up to the moment he died. That saber would just so happen to be purple, which represent moral ambiguity, and the users toe the line between the Dark and Light Sides.

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Green, Orange, and White

Vision would start off with a green lightsaber before meeting Wanda, and after leaving with her, he’d start using two lightsabers simultaneously: one with a white blade, the other orange.

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Dr. Strange

Green and Purple

But, as he learns more about the Force and dips his toe into Sith teachings, I think he’d find a way to balance both sides of the Force and pick up a purple saber.

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Captain Marvel


We’ve only seen Captain Marvel a handful of times, but it’s obvious she’s a fighter through and through. And that’s why Carol Danvers would use a blue lightsaber her entire life.

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Bucky Barnes

Blue, Red, and White

However, after a bit of brainwashing from the Dark Side, Bucky would use a red lightsaber (but again, he’s under mind control, and it’s not his fault). Once he’d regained control over his mind, he’d destroy the saber hilt and purify the crystal to put in a completely new hilt.

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Black Panther

Green and Yellow

After becoming a Jedi Master, he’d fully embrace the combat side of the Jedi Order. After a few years of learning the best fighting techniques and strategies, he’d go searching for a new kyber crystal that fits his outlook better – and that would be yellow.

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